The success of Only Murders in the Building and Knives Out has created a mini-revival of the fun little murder mystery, leading to shows like Poker Face and, now Death and Other Details starring Mandy Patinkin as the quirky detective type. 


Death and Other Details was created by Mike Weiss, alum of The Mentalist and the criminally underappreciated Stumptown, and Patinkin stars as Rufus Cotesworth, a gentleman detective solving the murder of an obnoxious passenger on a luxury cruise. The trailer dropped yesterday and it is solid. As much as I loathe cruises—so much! The worst!—I love a vintage boat, so the Art Deco stylings of this particular cruise ship are entirely to my liking. Only Murders gives us fantastic real estate porn with the Arconia, Other Details is promising great boat porn with the SS Varuna.


Other Details also stars Violett Beane as the prime suspect in the murder, and Rahul Kohli—any show that appreciates Rahul Kohli as a Very Handsome Man is an automatic +10 in my book—as a fellow passenger. I mean, you had me at “fun little murder mystery”, vintage boat porn and Rahul Kohli are just icing on the cake. 

I’m sort of torn on Mandy Patinkin doing a silly voice, but at this point, is it a Mandy Patinkin performance if he’s NOT doing a voice? Other than that, though, I dig this trailer, though I do wonder how much this may, intentionally or not, echo Knives Out and Glass Onion, which also combine fun little murder mysteries with class parables. Stories can be told multiple ways, but when a specific genre does too much of the same thing, well, that’s how it dies. Hopefully, Death and Other Details finds its own groove.