Remember the Emmys proposal? How could you forget? It was probably the most-talked-about moment of the show. I was more excited about Leslie Jones’s reaction. Now it’s been a couple of days though… can we talk about this without the emotion? How practical are these kinds of proposals? The ones that happen at a sporting event or anytime it’s in front of a huge crowd. Like you’re not really putting the other person in a position where they can actually consider the question, you know? Anyway, it turns out that Glenn Weiss’s major surprise was a surprise not just for his now-fiancée but also his children. How do we feel about this? That he didn’t tell his kids that he wanted to get married again and they had to find out while the whole world was watching? (Dlisted) 

As you know, I hate the small sunglasses trend. And not even FKA twigs can make it work. I do love the sequined shirt dress she’s wearing, though. But I think the boots, I think, are an inch or two too high. With a look like this, I want to see a little skin. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Brad Pitt wants you to know how often he is seeing his children. Which is every other day for several hours. He’s probably less happy about the detail that when he’s with his kids, it’s still in the presence of the Department and Children and Family Services. (Cele|bitchy) 

Let me preface this by saying that I am a f-cking asshole. I am. I find inappropriate things funny and I am incredibly insensitive. So… this Instagram video of Lindsay Lohan wishing her mother, Dina, happy birthday? My first thought was that, well, this is really bad acting. Like on the level of Keanu Reeves’s sneeze in The Lake House. (I love you, Keanu.) Bad acting, to me, is funny. So I laughed. And then it got embarrassing and I had to close it because I couldn’t stop watching. (OMG Blog)  

I love these “beauty tips from the runway!” articles for two reasons: sometimes the hacks are really useful and also sometimes they’re laughable. Here’s what I’m definitely going to try – the black lipstick using black liquid eyeliner! It’s brilliant! Here’s what I think is bullsh-t: achieving major hair volume without backcombing or “teasing” simply by using a lot of product and a round brush multiple times. That would never, ever work on my hair. (The Cut) 

Last week the New York Review of Books published an essay by Jian Ghomeshi. There was backlash. The editor has now “abruptly left”. (The Hollywood Reporter)