It's London Fashion Week and the street style runway is just as noteworthy as what we’re seeing on the actual runway. LOVE this FKA twigs outfit! (VOGUE)


I like a lot of these pieces from the latest Coach collection, especially those dresses. But my first thought was… how many of these can I see JLo wearing? The baby doll dresses, yes. And even the knits. I’m not sure about the more casual looks though. (Go Fug Yourself)

It was confirmed yesterday that the Queen has tested positive for COVID after Prince Charles and Camilla tested positive. There’s been speculation about this for a week and a half. In England, they’ve just announced that people do not have to self-isolate anymore after a positive test so, I guess, technically the Queen can go out and party like a super-spreader if she wants. As these restrictions continue to come down though, and so quickly, it’s people her age who are among the most at-risk. She can’t be the only senior who is prioritised, you know? (Dlisted)


So about the Oscars fan favourite vote – anyone who’s spent any time on the internet and social media could have predicted this, right? It’s another example of how out of touch the Oscar Academy is with… well… how things work outside of their domain. How honest are they going to be with this vote and this award though? Liam Neeson had a movie come out in 2021. It doesn’t matter what the movie is about, I’m sure you can figure it out because he keeps making the same movie. What would happen if that movie got the top vote? Would the Academy actually mention it? (Pajiba)

Prince Andrew apparently went to see the Queen every night last week so as to avoid photographers. Ever the doting son, making sure to let his mother know how grateful he is that she keeps bailing him out. And perhaps to make sure he still hangs on to what he has left. (Cele|bitchy)