Lil Nas X crashed a Disney wedding this weekend and he was super cute about it and I would have been like the lady to the right all, “WHAT THE F-CK IS HAPPENING?” too so it’s a good moment all around but here’s one of my favourite celebrity wedding crasher questions: which celebrity would you want to crash your wedding? Take Keanu Reeves off the list – because everyone’s going to say Keanu. And or Beyoncé. You know what my answer is: BTS, obviously. As for the song…well that’s a little more difficult, it changes by the day. Right now I’m super into V and Jimin’s “Friends” off the new album. (Dlisted)

I love that Florence Pugh is making marmalade. No complaints about her documenting the process. But… I have to say, I hate marmalade. Like, I’ll eat an orange but I don’t want orange jelly on my bread, you know? (Pajiba) 

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel stepped out together in New York this weekend. So far, I haven’t seen any footage of him at Kobe Bryant’s memorial service. But if he was there, would his appearance be like the tribute he posted on Instagram a few weeks ago? Because that was… well…it was on brand. (Cele|bitchy)

Moschino’s latest collection is basically Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, right? Everything about this runway makes me want to watch the movie and I just watched it again a couple of months ago. The costumes in that film were so wonderfully decadent. I’ve never dressed up like that…and I desperately want to. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Katy Perry’s changed her hair. It’s been a while, right? I feel like she was committed to the short hair for longer than I expected her to. It’s long now. In a blowout. A hair change can be a total personality change. (Just Jared)