It was a year ago that Florence Pugh wore a pink sheer dress to the Valentino haute couture presentation. Valentino’s fall/winter haute couture presentation was in Paris yesterday, and Miss Flo went sheer again, this time in a periwinkle halter dress with a plunging neckline. Lainey thought Flo’s sheer dress was the “least interesting” of the hot pink looks last year, but I’m not sure this new dress is any better? Take away the sheer factor, and it’s just a halter dress. It could pass for Vera Wang (non-complimentary). 


You know what’s selling it, though? Flo’s head styling. She’s still rocking the shaved head she debuted at the Met Gala, though it is almost into pixie territory. Now she’s working a dye job, and I can’t quite tell if this is an ombre effect with the pink fading as it goes down her head, or if she got frosted tips and then dyed the tips pink. Hair experts of LG, sound off. Whichever it is, though, it looks GREAT. A+ makeup and accessories, too, and most importantly, Flo looks like she’s loving her look. Whatever any of us think of it, she is clearly feeling herself. 

This is why Florence Pugh can never make my “worst dressed” list. Even if I don’t like her outfit, she inevitably carries it off. She’s having so much fun posing with this dress, billowing it out for the cameras and twirling. It’s one reason I am stoked to see her in Dune: Part Two. We’ve barely seen anything of her character, Princess Irulan, but what we have seen shows Irulan in some strong looks. Miss Flo will be serving in space.


Also, did you know that Flo and Ashley Park are friends? Ashley is everywhere with Joy Ride, and Flo was recently celebrating her birthday month on Instagram. This is the celebrity friendship I didn’t know I needed.