How do you picture Florence Welch? Is it exactly what she looks like here because it is for me. Hair and dress and boots. Which isn’t a bad thing, to stick with a certain style aesthetic. Anna Wintour, for example, never really changes it up. And some say that this is how to stay timeless – from era to era, trends come and go, but you remain the same. So in a few years time, if you look at this shot of Florence, you’ll never be able to say whether it was 2012, or 2022, or 2032. (Go Fug Yourself) 


The assumption is that if Britney Spears ever does an interview, it’ll be with Oprah Winfrey. But Drew Barrymore has put her hand up and I can totally see it. In fact, I think the possibility of Drew interviewing Britney is now actually higher than Oprah. Any Britney sitdown is going to be generate all the attention, it doesn’t matter who she’s talking to. But I could see Britney choosing Drew over Oprah, could you? (Dlisted) 

Piers Morgan’s television show is apparently not rating well but … look… if the last decade has taught us anything it’s that blowhard assholes often don’t lose, which is not anything to be happy about and not a lesson I want your children to learn but how many times have we said “oh that will never happen” and it did? I mean, someone gave this dude his own f-cking show. (Cele|bitchy) 


Who is your least favourite character on Friends? Mine is Ross. That might be why I was never invested in the Ross and Rachel saga. That’s why this headline makes me feel seen. (Pajiba) 

Olivia Rodrigo spoke up in support of abortion rights at her show. Many of Olivia’s fans are starting to figure out their lives, making choices that will have an impact on their futures – and they could have choices made FOR them by people who think they have a say in what decisions they make for their bodies. Olivia has made it clear where she stands, which is on the side of human rights. Because reproductive rights are human rights. (Buzzfeed News)