I’m stupid. I read this headline and actually thought that there must have been food in there. Why would there be food in a condom, Elaine, you dumbass. It was food though, in a way. And, like Michael K, what the f-ck is wrong with me that I actually hit play on this video? It was the last line though. The brilliant last punchline. It made me laugh and so, in that spirit, maybe this will make you laugh too. (Dlisted) 

Prince Harry and Royal Megan will not be having five kids. But could the Cambridges possibly end up having five kids? I can totally see it. (Cele|bitchy) 

Jennifer Lopez has been known to wear George Hobeika. And I can see her in every single one of these looks. It’s a lot of beading, a lot of sheerness, and a lot of thigh high slits. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Please watch this video of Ash Sarkar reading the f-ck out of Piers Morgan for filth this morning on Good Morning Britain. I may not agree with all of her politics, but I do agree with her calling him out on his bullsh-t. When she leans back on her chair like, not today motherf-cker, I pounded so hard on my desk my fist is now bruised. (Pajiba) 

It’s an emotional time for Justin Bieber. He proposed to the woman he calls the love of his life. He’s coming off that rush of passion. And now he’s on the phone, in New York, still feeling all the feelings. All I can hear while I look at these photos is “Keke, do you love me”. (TMZ) 

What’s missing at the movies this summer …and every summer these days? Romance! Which is why we’re waiting for – guess which one? Crazy Rich Asians! (Vulture)