I hope you all enjoyed last week’s workout and thanks to everyone who wrote in and asked for specific workouts in the coming weeks. This week I have broken it down into 3 parts: a gentle core and spinal mobility warmup, a lower body workout and an upper body workout. This workout is geared towards those who have busy lives at home and are only able to find 15 or 20 minutes in the day to move. I have also made the workout accessible for those who are prenatal and those who are post-partum.


 All you need for this workout is a chair, a mat, and a set of weights (although much of it can be done with just body weight). Feel free to break the workout into its separate parts or do it all together for a 40-minute full body workout. Enjoy!

My Hello to you all!

The Core Warm Up


The Lower Body Blast

Upper Body and Core