When Jeffrey Epstein died in August, apparently by suicide, there were a lot of questions about what happened, exactly. And there are a lot of people who think that it may not have been a suicide – including members of his family and legal team, who subsequently hired their own forensic pathologist to confirm the NY medical examiner’s autopsy findings. That pathologist is now reporting his findings:

The medical examiner is standing by its conclusions. But... you know, many people remain unconvinced. Jeffrey Epstein was a very wealthy sex trafficker who had many powerful friends: billionaires, scientists, presidents, politicians, and… princes. One prince in particular, ahem. Which is why there are those who’ve been wondering how, exactly, such a notorious inmate whose case was making international headlines could have possibly taken his own life while under supervision in federal custody. 

At the time of his death, there was an ongoing investigation into Epstein’s crimes and connections as authorities were and still are trying to piece together how he maintained his network and who enabled him. It seems inconceivable that he was doing this by himself and there have been witnesses, including dozens of his survivors, who claim that several of his important rich friends participated in the crimes. Like who? Oh like Prince Andrew of the British royal family. Prince Andrew has denied that he knew anything of Epstein’s f-cksh-t multiple times but he was seen with Epstein after his jail sentence, when he was officially a Registered Sex Offender, and even stayed with Epstein at his NY mansion where he was allegedly observed enjoying a foot massage from Russian girls. 

Yesterday Prince Andrew visited Cambridge University:


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I wonder if Andrew starts off every week thinking, hoping, finally, the headlines will start petering off about him, that people will stop talking about his friendship with the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. That his nephews and their wives can eat sh-t in public instead so that he can go back to living his privileged life. Unfortunately for him, for three months now, Andrew hasn’t been able to go more than a few days without some kind of Epstein update and any Epstein update always mentions his name since… HE HUNG OUT AT SEVERAL OF EPSTEIN’S RESIDENCES where all the raping was happening. 

Maybe next week though? Maybe next week poor Prince Andrew will be left alone and this Epstein business will go away? God knows they’re trying – the courtiers, the British tabloids, how fortunate for Andrew that people at the palace seem to be rallying behind him and not selling him out.