Michelle Yeoh is definitely a contender for Best Actress Oscar this awards season. The Fug Girls point out that Michelle wears a lot of Elie Saab and have posted a selection of Elie Saab options should Michelle go deep into the race. If I had to predict though, right now I would say that Michelle will wear Prabal Gurung. Or Phillip Lim. Prabal and Phillip have been working on the costume design for Michelle’s upcoming series American Born Chinese. There’s a very good chance she’ll extend that relationship. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Who knew that something as wholesome – ha! – as Fat Bear Week could be so controversial! Scandal is a virus! But now our Fat King Bear has been crowned, and I feel like there are a lot of people who’d rather watch his coronation than Charles’s. Anyway, the Fat Bears have eaten and people have voted and there’s a winner. And now all of them will be losing through the winter, until they emerge next year, all skinny from hibernation, ready to put the chunk back on. (Dlisted) 

Anne Hathaway looks great in this Valentino dress and she tried Priscilla Presley with her hair which I don’t hate, not at all. It suits her. And now I’m picturing an alternative universe that involves Annie playing Priscilla. (Cele|bitchy) 


Nobody cares about TJ Miller anymore but TJ Miller tried to get people to care about him by gossiping about Ryan Reynolds which is what made people pay attention but five seconds until they realised, oh, this is not actually about Ryan Reynolds and now we can all go back to not caring about TJ Miller. (Pajiba) 

Vulture is trying to “make Hollywood horny again” and has come up with a list of 25 erotic thrillers. I will watch erotic thrillers over scary/horror/slasher movies any day and if October was horny month instead of Halloween month, everyone would be happier and hornier, don’t you think!? That said, I haven’t been doing my horny homework because I had no idea Sydney Sweeney was in an erotic thriller called The Voyeurs and I’m definitely watching that this weekend. (Vulture)