The Fug Girls are throwing it back this Thursday to the premiere of Maid in Manhattan that happened 19 years ago this month. Ben Affleck accompanied Jennifer Lopez on the carpet. Will they walk another carpet together in the next week or so? At the premiere of Marry Me? (Go Fug Yourself) 


Have you heard about what happened on The Masked Singer after a certain contestant was revealed and two of the judges walked off set? I understand why they walked off, but I also feel for the people who couldn’t. Like the choreographers and the crew and the makeup artists and the costume designers and all the dozens of people involved in production who don’t get much of a say on what happens and who can’t afford to make statements and walk off and they were the ones who had to be f-cking close to that scumbag and help him through the experience. (Dlisted) 

Another bride is going viral for her wedding rules only this time most of the rules are…reasonable. Which makes you wonder why she has to say them in the first place. The one that tells me everything I need to know about her is what she says about the vendors – that they should be treated as guests when they’re not working. (Cele|bitchy) 


Kayleigh Donaldson revisits the “tackiest Oscar campaign of all time”. It’s a great throwback. And a reminder that Oscar nominees shouldn’t run their own campaigns, why strategists are brought in to manage the campaign process. (Pajiba) 

Kathleen’s piece this week about “redefining Black excellence…and embracing mediocrity” is so f-cking good, the best thing I’ve read this week. (Refinery 29)