Louis Vuitton’s new cruise collection is indeed heavy on mermaidcore. The Fug Girls are wondering whether or not this is going to work for Zendaya. I can see their point. But I can also see Z, who is LV’s newest ambassador, in a few of these pieces…but styled differently which, of course, is where Law Roach would have come in. Law says he’s retired. But he was just with Z in Italy at the Bulgari event and I feel like…when he’s around…he would still have some say, right? (Go Fug Yourself) 


Back in 2010, the now dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was still on house arrest for soliciting a minor for prostitution – and Sarah Ferguson, aka Fergie, asked to see him at his home. Ahem, I wonder if she’s going to spill the tea about that on her podcast. (Dlisted) 

Al Pacino was apparently not planning to have a baby with his girlfriend Noor Alfallah “so soon”. Soon?! He’s in his 80s, how much longer did he want to wait?! As for Noor, supposedly she’s into much, much, much older men. Which is fine, it’s her life. And her life soon will be assuming even more of the parenting duties that a woman typically takes on because, well, at his age…it’s only realistic to say that Al won’t be able to keep up, right? He can obviously still get it up, but the keeping up, with the childcare and all that labour – at his age, when parenting requires so much energy, I mean it’s going to be a LOT. (Cele|bitchy) 


What has disappeared from the world and no one noticed? This is what they’re talking about on Reddit and someone said fainting, LOL. Like it used to happen all the time, something shocking would go down and then a person would faint. It also used to be hot as f-ck indoors so that accounted for a lot of fainting. I, by the way, am a fainter. And I do faint when it’s hot. Something something about my extremely low blood pressure. So it hasn’t disappeared entirely from the world. If you’re around me long enough in the summer, you’ll probably see it once or twice. (Pajiba) 

AI is everywhere… and everyone is talking about it. And it’s now come for your food. There are AI recipes out there. Do you want to be fed by a computer? (Eater)