An international trailer for Thor: Ragnarok was released yesterday. We already knew that Taika Waititi’s Thor will be great. But the Japanese voiceover makes it even better. I don’t understand what’s being said, but I love how it sounds. Like bubble pop comic book goofy. The way you imagine it sounds when you read a comic book and they spell out the sound effects: POW! OOF! WOOSH! Which is a little bit the tone of Thor: Ragnarok. In Japan, they’re calling it Thor: Battle Royale. That actually might be a better title too. It looks like there will be a lot of POW! OOF! WOOSH! happening here. And it’s fun, non? Thor: Battle Royale sounds like a fun movie. Thor: Ragnarok does not sound like it would be as fun of a movie.

Nerds are having a lot of fun at what Benedict Cumberbatch is telling Thor in this trailer. I don’t know it means, really, and that’s also not what appeals to me about this movie. What I’m into is how Thor is assembling his adventure squad and pointing superguns at the bad guys like it’s a kids’ nerf toy commercial. Also what’s making me laugh is how hard Tom Hiddleston is posing in almost every scene. Even when he’s moving, he’s locking firm into that final position every time. Is there a wind machine on him? Loki giving us some music video hair in this movie. I’m not mad at this at all. But mostly, it’s Mark Ruffalo and that line: “Just like the old days!”