This year’s most unlikely celebrity is not the Fiji water girl from the Golden Globes but the unexpected star of the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix: Andy. Don’t pretend you don’t know Andy. Andy’s the one who said he went to take a shower, and you were nodding along, because of course he’d want to take a shower after what had just been requested of him, and then said he proceeded to brush his teeth, at which point the brakes started squealing because you were like… ummmm… WHY DO YOU NEED TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH? Anyway, Andy’s getting job opportunities. I’m shocked we haven’t seen him in a toothpaste commercial. (Dlisted) 

Bangs can completely change your face. Bangs have completely changed Kendall Jenner’s face. not sure if these are fake or real bangs but whatever they are, they are making her look like Emily Ratajkowski. Right? I think I nailed this one. Especially in the second shot. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’ve been sleeping on Lucy Boynton’s red carpet choices this award season. I feel like she’s protesting that. You know what her gift is? She makes really elaborate dresses look casual. And that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes elaborate dresses need to be taken down a little in the right setting. I like what she’s doing here with this Gucci. And with the makeup. It’s already an offbeat dress. Why not go right in and make it even more bizarre. No sarcasm here – I’m totally into what she’s doing. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Taika Waititi has declared definitively that he will not be directing the next Guardians of the Galaxy movies and I love his explanation. He does, however, say that he would work with Marvel again. So it’s about finding him a project that he can make all his own, just like he did with Thor: Ragnarok. In the meantime, though, it’s not like he’s waiting around with nothing better to do. (Pajiba) 

Could you do this? Probably not. That’s why it’s so bonkers that this guy did what he did – and looks like he’s enjoying it? That’s what’s next level f-cked up about. Not only that he went into that freezing cold lake but that he doesn’t look miserable. (TMZ) 

WHAT. THE. F-CK. Imagine thinking there’s a ghost in your home – which is already a goddamn problem. And then finding out that it’s not a ghost. That the sounds coming from your closet are… a MAN LIVING IN YOUR CLOSET. Seriously, I admire this woman for staying calm because I would have… well… I would not have reacted the way she did. The way I would have reacted there would be a lot more damage, HOLY SH-T. (PEOPLE)