Are your kids getting enough vegetables? Do they even like vegetables? Maybe it’s all in the vocabulary. Would it help if you didn’t call it salad “dressing” and called it salad “frosting” instead? Even though it’s really just… dressing? Dressing was never the problem for me where salad was concerned. It was the actual vegetables themselves. You know what worked for me when I was younger? Bacon bits. The faker the better. (Dlisted) 

A classic case of wanting what you don’t have – or not wanting what you have. In Julianne Moore’s case, it’s freckles. I f-cking love freckles. I wish I had freckles. A few months ago, I asked Nikki, our makeup artist, to give me fake freckles. Cute…but nothing like real freckles. Also, I love this photo of Julianne, especially those eyelashes. Very Valentino. (Cele|bitchy) 

Here are Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba side by side in two very cute outfits. I actually prefer, for myself, personally, Jessica’s over Gabrielle’s. Feather skirts have never been my thing. Super into the green on Alba though. And the way the stripes are curving on that skirt. And that cropped shirt is the perfect, perfect length for the look. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Should we blame this on Keanu Reeves? He went to E3 and set some high expectations. And nothing else seems to have met the same level…including the Avengers videogame. Who are these people? They look nothing like our heroes. The character that, I think, is supposed to be Black Widow looks more like Maria Hill? Is it Maria Hill? And who are the other people? Is that supposed to be Mark Ruffalo? (Pajiba) 

Bradley Cooper went out last night, meeting up with friends for a couple of hours at the Sunset Tower. This is… a very interesting outfit. What are those pants? Are they jeans? Baggy flowy jeans? Like 90s jeans? Think Smash Mouth. That’s the second time Smash Mouth has come up on this site in the last couple of weeks. What is happening!? (TMZ) 

Emmys nominations voting is currently underway. One of the big contenders in the Drama Series category is obviously Game of Thrones. The final season, however, was divisive, which is an understatement. Fans are petitioning for a redo. A lot of people HAAAATE how they wrapped up the story. Will this affect their chances? (The Hollywood Reporter)