Gabrielle Union turned 45 yesterday. She looks the exact same as she did at 25. It’s ridiculous. As her husband Dwyane Wade said, it’s unfair. It feels like we have this conversation every year. Gabrielle Union is getting older but her face is frozen in time. Seriously, I watched Bring it On the other day (as I do monthly) and SHE HAS NOT AGED.

This is my favourite tweet about Gabrielle’s logic-defying face.

Gabrielle has had a good year. She released a line of haircare products called Flawless. She announced the end of her show Being Mary Jane and casually, just in time for her birthday, she became a New York Times bestselling author. Throughout her press tour for We’re Going To Need More Wine, Gabrielle showed her work. She hustled hard. She did talk shows. She did book signings. The book reveals personal details that have been met with praise and ridicule. She gives no f-cks about the people trying to shame her for healthy attitude towards sexual reciprocity and pleasure. These people need to f-ck off. Gabrielle has been candid about her fertility struggles, sexual assault and the importance of talking about race. Twenty years ago, talking about these topics would not be something a Serious Actress would do. Now, Gabrielle Union has become a necessary voice in Hollywood you want to hear from. And it’s only helping her brand.

Her Twitter account is hilarious. Her style is always on point.  With the haircare line and the successful book, she is now a rivaling the Reeses and the Gwyneths as an A-lister with a budding empire. At 45, Gabrielle Union may just be the most visible and beloved than she’s ever been. We know this industry isn’t the kindest to women over 40, let alone black women over 40. So, how will this visibility and smart personal branding translate on screen?

Deadline reported last week that Gabrielle will star in an untitled Bad Boys spinoff TV series.  I like this idea if it’s HER show and she’s not supporting Will Smith and Martin Lawrence stand-ins. At the very least, they can set the show right after Bad Boys II left off because HER FACE IS THE SAME.