Really? Is there anyone else who could possibly challenge Gabrielle Union last night in Rodarte at the CFDAs? The answer is no. This might be one of the looks of the year, or THE look of the year, it’s that f-cking bomb.

I love how the spots on the sheer top look like they’re sparkling tea lights against a night sky rising to a subtle ruffle collar that’s modern and feminine at the same time. This jacket, with the pockets, the texture, and the length, it’s goddamn perfect – especially next to the length of the pants that crop and flare ever so slightly just above the ankle.

And this was the only, only, only hair to wear with it all, right? Like, all of this is so f-cking amazing I’m actually kind of mad that Dwyane Wade was with her (nothing against D Wade, he also comes correct) because the outfit is actually a lot better when she’s posing in it by herself, hands in the pockets with a slight lean. It’s the kind of outfit that doesn’t need a date because it needs to stand alone. 

For Rodarte then, there is no better way to show your design. And did you know that this outfit was made possible by Bring It On?

“I love it, I love them — I feel like badass,” Union told CFDA Awards’ Facebook Live host Brad Goreski. “I discovered them from Kirsten Dunst. It goes back to Bring It On. It all goes back to Bring It On.”

Kirsten has been wearing Rodarte, as you know, for a long, long time. But even she could not have worn this Rodarte the way Gabrielle Union wore it. Gabrielle Union just wore the SH-T out of this outfit.