Words are unnecessary. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to defend this choice. But words are what we do here at LaineyGossip. And all my best words are for Gabrielle Union and how she looked at the Emmys last night. In a word: YES. Up and down and back and forwards, YES.

Here’s another word:


Because her dress and cape are Zuhair Murad. And I’ve been over Zuhair Murad since 2008. But there’s a difference between how other people do Zuhair Murad and how Gabrielle Union does Zuhair Murad. With others, Zuhair Murad is chosen because of the sheer beading, let me show you my nakedness without showing you my nakedness thing. This is part of what Gabrielle was aiming for not all of what she was aiming for. Otherwise there would be no capelet. And there would be no necklace acting like a high collar. So it’s both sex and prim, it’s give a little and take it back. It’s this kind of styling, these styling decisions, that can make a dress that you’ve seen over and over again (because you HAVE seen it over and over again) seem fresh and new. Then, there’s the hair.

A middle part ponytail has been my favourite jam lately instead of what I used to favour which was a tight pony, no part, all the way back. It’s because when you part in the middle, your pony can only go up so high up the back of your head. What the middle part slick-back creates, however, is a certain symmetry to your face. And I feel like it extra-accentuates the jawline. Right? Look at her jawline. Look at how that middle part highlights those eyebrows, the dimples, her lips, her entire gorgeous f-cking face, GOD! I love it so SO SO SO much!