As mentioned earlier this week after the Governors Awards, it’s a tight race for the Oscars this year across so many categories, including Best Picture and all the acting categories. In particular, there’s a large field of contenders in the Best Supporting Actress category – at least eleven, if not more, are in the race as it stands right now. And that includes Gabrielle Union who is picking up some momentum this week. 


It doesn’t hurt that she’s promoting Strange World, opening this weekend, right on the heels of The Inspection, which opened last weekend, the film that put her into contention for a nomination: 

Gabby was nominated yesterday for an Independent Spirit Award, alongside Jeremy Pope and director and screenwriter Elegance Bratton. This comes three weeks after she was nominated for a Gotham Award and it’s a good time to be getting the attention among so many contenders and she could build on this energy in the coming weeks with the film critics associations and boards all lining up to make their announcements and the Golden Globe and Critics Choice nominations are coming pretty soon too. Both the Globes and Critics Choice nomination voting period begins right at the beginning of September so the fact that Gabrielle’s name is out there keeps her top of mind for those two awards bodies, and if her name ends up on their ballots, that can only help her chances for the SAGs and the Oscars. 


If you haven’t seen The Inspection, it’s worth your time this weekend. The film is based on Elegance Bratton’s own life story being raised by a homophobic mother, Inez, (played by Gabrielle) who kicked him out when he was a teenager. Elegance experienced homelessness for a number of years before enrolling in the Marines in order to gain Inez’s approval. Everything about Inez is antithetical to what Gabby stands for, there is nothing is common between the actor and the character and yet Gabby makes Inez real, believable, human. To say this is an extraordinary performance would be an understatement. And also, because I can’t resist the opportunity to take a shot at Jared Leto, this was clearly not achieved by the kind of method acting that Jared is known for. But that’s another flaw in Jared’s exhausting level of character immersion: what if he was playing a character like Inez? Would he walk around insisting on being in character the whole time offset, being cruel to 2SLGBTQ+ people? 

Here's Gabrielle in New York yesterday in an all-black set, continuing to serve all the looks. That would be another bonus if Gabrielle makes it deep into award season: her fashion.