I started my adolescence when “Here I Go Again” was playing non-stop on the radio and you couldn’t escape the video. So I have a cultural attachment to Tawny Kitaen from that time. Didn’t follow much about her life after that but I’ll always know her name and I’ll definitely never forget the look. This was the hair I wanted for many, many years. The hair and the wind machine. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Gal Gadot once again confirms that Joss Whedon was a dick to her…and a lot of other people and at this point I don’t know why we even need it confirmed anymore because this is now a fact, non? Isn’t that why Joss Whedon has stepped back from all of his projects? What’s hilarious to me is that he tried turning Patty Jenkins against Gal – because that’s the move, that’s from the playbook. With men and other men specifically. Patty, obviously, wasn’t having it. (Dlisted) 

Would I go to Dracula’s castle to get vaccinated? F-ck yes. At this point, I’m so desperate for my second shot – and here in Canada, people in my age group don’t have a definitive date set for the second shot, they said August at first but now we’re hoping soon…? PLEASE SOONER – I would fly my ass over to that castle if it was allowed and get that jab ASAP. (Pajiba) 

Well, did you hear about the latest royal scandal? Prince Michael of Kent, husband of OfMichael, who wore that racist brooch one year to the Queen’s Christmas lunch, and who was busted being racist to patrons at a restaurant in New York, is being accused of some shady dealings. Of course Buckingham Palace has no comment. Maybe at the next Ascot, Michael, OfMichael, and Prince Andrew can ride in a carriage together. (Cele|bitchy) 

India is in COVID crisis. The country needs vaccines but it also needs oxygen. Please read this piece about the situation and how you can help. (Vox)