As Sarah just wrote in the previous post about all the angst going on at DC after Justice League underwhelmed critically and commercially. Underwhelmed, I think, is a generous way to put it. This was the first movie in which all of their superheroes were gathered together, their answer to the Avengers. And they came out flat. Which means that only one of the members of the Justice League can claim a win: that would be Wonder Woman, Diana Prince. And Gal Gadot. Wonder Woman is holding it down. 

Wonder Woman just made the AFI Top 10 list of 2017. They’ve counted it as one of the 10 best films of the year. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will contend for Oscar and be included among the Best Picture nominees recognised by the Academy. But it does mean that the movie has a chance. And if the movie has a chance, Patty Jenkins, the director, might have a chance. This is a dark, dark, dark horse scenario. But the point is, again, Wonder Woman is holding it down. After all this time, and all that fretting about whether a female superhero movie could do it, and how long it took because they didn’t think a female superhero movie could do it (nobody ever has to be convinced that 18 Batmans can be made), Wonder Woman is the one bright spot in the DC universe, holding it the f-ck down. 

Here’s Gal Gadot, holding it the f-ck down, at the GQ Men of the Year event (the magazine named her Wonder Woman of the Year) last night in LA. Can you imagine what that must feel like? The pressure, first of all. Of knowing that all these assholes took forever to come around to the idea that a Wonder Woman movie could actually work. And then having to step into those shoes and swing that lasso around. And now, to know that not only did she hold it down, she and Patty are now HOLDING THEM UP. 

One day soon, Duana and I will be talking about Gal on Show Your Work. She IS Wonder Woman. Does she want to be anyone else? What are her career aspirations outside of Wonder Woman? Hugh Jackman this year ended an almost two decade run as Wolverine. And he’s one of the few actors who became defined as a superheroe and dooesn't talk about it like it’s a handcuff. You never got the sense that Hugh was looking to get out through the process. He’s getting out now because he feels he’s finished the arc of that character, not because he’s tired of having to be Wolverine and couldn’t wait to get out of his multi-picture commitment and direct terrible movies. Will Gal be the same? If so, what will her efforts outside of Wonder Woman look like? How will she spend her capital? How will we be talking about Gal Gadot in 5 years?

Also, um, am I allowed to talk about her fashion? 

Because for some reason, even though she’s Gal Gadot, and could probably wear just about anything, I’m never excited about anything she wears. Take this red dress for example. I mean, it’s fine. But it’s not like you’ll remember it. It’s not like you were waiting for it. Gal will undoubtedly be a presence during award season this year. Will she be a fashion presence on those carpets? Please can she be?