HBO released a teaser for upcoming seasons of their shows which includes little teeny tiny glimpses of NEW GAME OF THRONES. There are also clips from Barry and a tease for the next—and last—season of Veep, both very good shows (Barry had an OUTSTANDING debut season this summer). We also get a look at Jennifer Garner’s show from Lena Dunham, Camping, and then a bunch of dramas no one cares about as much as GAME OF THRONES. I miss it so much I will take this barely-there tease and examine it from every angle.

There really isn’t a lot to go on, but Jaime Lannister gets hit in the face, so that’s how his life is going. And Jon Snow is doing some cliff contemplation, and Sansa looks as hollowed out as ever. In the absence of Game of Thrones this year, I’ve been re-watching from the beginning and Sansa’s transformation is so dramatic and well done. I don’t think it has been handled flawlessly at every step and stage—ahem, the wedding night—but she was SUCH a brat and SO AWFUL to Jon Snow, and SO STUPID about Joffrey (never forget that literally everyone else saw through Joffrey within seconds of meeting him), and she so thoroughly bought into the little girl princess fantasy that she was literally blind to the danger engulfing her family in season one. Sansa didn’t want to see anything unpleasant, and so Sansa did not see anything unpleasant, until it was too late. More than any other character, Sansa had the farthest to fall and the most to rebuild in order to become an effective player of the game of thrones. (There is also a parallel with Cersei, whose own disillusionment with the princess fantasy is discussed often in season one.)

We still have months until the final season premiere, which doesn’t have a confirmed date yet, but is expected to be “in the first half” of 2019. Great, so it could be January, which is just four months away, or it could be May, which is almost another f*cking year. THE WAIT IS KILLING ME, ISN’T IT KILLING YOU, TOO? I’m so ready for new Thrones I will watch these few seconds of new footage until my eyes bleed.