Two of my old celebrity crushes, Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund, were on the same red carpet last night. They’re friends, they’ve worked together before, and last night they were both at the Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire premiere. The film premieres on Friday on Netflix and, to be honest, I have no interest in this movie so I totally blanked on the fact that Charlie is in it, even though Sarah has written about the project several times and I’ve actually edited them. 


Where Charlie is concerned though, I mean… it’s been a while, right? And quiet. Like, maybe it’s intentional but six or seven years ago he was heading towards a bigger, louder career that didn’t materialise. Again, it could have been intentional, but signing onto a Zack Snyder project like Rebel Moon doesn’t exactly scream “indie film character work” either. 


Anyway, Garrett was there to support Charlie last night…

Garrett Hedlund and Charlie Hunnam attend the Netflix Premiere of Zack Snyder's REBEL MOON - Part One: A Child of Fire at TCL Chinese Theatre on December 13, 2023 in Hollywood, California

…but that’s not really his story for this post. The story around Garrett is that earlier this week he was seen out for dinner with Rachel Bilson. The photos are exclusive and the Daily Mail has them. They’ve apparently been liking each other’s Instagram posts lately. 


So that’s two new romance alerts today. And while few us could have come up with Drake and Camila, Garrett and Rachel totally track for me. Same generation, similar circles in Hollywood, similar fame levels, they’re both parents… and if you squint he kinda sorta looks a little like Hayden Christensen. And nothing like Bill Hader, her previous boyfriend. Last year Rachel revealed on her podcast, Broad Ideas, that she didn’t orgasm from penetrative sex until she was 38, thanks, presumably, to Bill. None of my business obviously but I wonder, um, how Garrett’s going to follow that lead. I mean she’s talking about this kind of content on her show, so you know, maybe we’ll find out. 

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