I interviewed Gary Oldman at TIFF. And he seemed very, very attached to the woman who’s now been revealed to be his 5th wife. But…umm….how do we feel about FIVE MARRIAGES?! Gary used to be married to Uma Thurman, remember that? Uma was his second wife. And, if I recall, he married Uma like a year after he and his first wife divorced. Please let me know if I’m wrong. Back then, the Uma and Gary combination was super, super sexy. Too sexy. It never lasts. (Dlisted) 

Heidi Klum is single. And she’s being honest-ish about the fact that she’s single because her boyfriend may have stepped out on her. I can believe that. Because Vito has a cheater face. It’s not fair to say something like this because it’s not like people can control whether or not they have cheater faces but he keeps accentuating the cheaterness of his face by pulling his hair back like that. Anyway. What are the chances Heidi Klum will end up with Brad Pitt? (Cele|bitchy) 

Stop reading now if you don’t want to talk about Game Of Thrones theories. You gone yet? Still here? You’ve probably heard this then: about Third Eye Bran being the Night King because they have the same nose and all the historical connections between them. So, basically, Bran is like Harry Potter and Voldemort? I mean… sure, it’s totally possible. But then everyone will comment that it’s so similar to Harry Potter and Voldemort so my question is: will George RR Martin care that people will be comparing it to Harry Potter? (Pop Sugar) 

I was scrolling down this list thinking HAHAHAHAHA no movie has ever ruined my childhood and then I got to the bottom and, well, technically I wasn’t a child anymore when that particular movie came out (thanks, millennials) but it still sort of ruined my childhood with all that f-cked up imagery (the man who ate himself to death) and…the beginning of Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow, come ON! (Pajiba) 

I believe it will be a girl. I believe it will be a girl because that family functions as an assembly line. Right now, if Kylie’s taken Kim’s position, she has another 5 years before Kourtney’s daughter (don’t ask me what her name is) begins her rise. And then 5 years after that, it’ll be North’s turn. (TMZ) 

Did I mention it’s my birthday? And for my birthday I am really enjoying looking at photos of Tom Hardy with so many dogs? (OMG Blog)