Mary, Queen of Scots is getting mixed reviews. Here’s why I’m seeing it: for the performances from the entire cast, led by Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie, but also because the case includes Gemma Chan. An Asian woman in a British historical period piece! Big ups to director Josie Rourke for no-big-dealing it too. Like not only was Gemma cast, you get the sense that the fact that she was cast wasn’t an issue. 

The premiere for Mary, Queen of Scots happened last night in Leicester Square. Afterwards Gemma was seen at an after-party for the British Fashion Awards, joined by Dominic Cooper. Apparently it’s the first major event they’ve been seen at together as a couple. Apparently they’re living together now, like she moved in in September. It was only revealed that they were dating in late summer. So, yeah, if it’s that serious, of course they’re going places together, also no-big-dealing it. 

Gemma, as a member of the Crazy Rich Asians team, should be at the Golden Globes in January, fresh off the movie’s nomination for Best Picture Comedy/Musical. She has another reason to be in LA though around that time. Captain Marvel promotion should start picking up around then, or just after. Of course, Captain Marvel is primarily Brie Larson. But Brie’s been all about representation and inclusion and supporting opportunities for her peers. I feel like Brie would want to make sure the movie’s marketing does the most in not only amplifying Captain Marvel’s position in the MCU but also her entire crew. 

What do you think of Gemma’s dress? It’s Miu Miu. Not the most exciting dress ever on Gemma. But dove grey satin is tricky. She might be making the dress look a lot more special than it deserves. Somehow, on Gemma, there are so few wrinkles too. I’m not sure this dress is ever going to be worn as well as it’s just been worn by Gemma Chan.