So far today, we’ve speculated about a queer celebrity hookup and we’re about to get into a possible beef between two Asian actresses. Is this equality? LOL, obviously that’s a joke of a question. 

Backstory: on Friday, after Constance Wu tantrum-ed on social media about Fresh Off The Boat being renewed for a sixth season, Yashar Ali posted some tea on Twitter – and Gemma Chan, who of course worked with Constance on Crazy Rich Asians, liked the tweet:

Yashar subsequently deleted those tweets…

…but, well, people clearly picked up on Gemma’s reaction to it and are gossiping about whether or not she and Constance don’t get along. Gemma has since tried to explain: 


I mean… it’s either that or she was “hacked”. She’s not the first celebrity to offer up that reason and she won’t be the last. And she’s not the first celebrity we’ve As IFFFFFFed and she won’t be the last. Just check the replies under her tweet and all the GIFs people are responding with. Here’s an example:

So now people are wondering – does Constance really have a “reputation”? Remember, we wouldn’t be here, and nobody would be sniffing around it, if she hadn’t “f-cking hell”-ed on Twitter the other day, making herself a heatscore. Nobody was sitting around wondering if Constance Wu is “rude, petty, mean-spirited, and ungrateful”. And, as Yashar wrote after deleting his tweet, what’s often “rude” on a woman is “assertive” on a man. So, yes, more context is required, context that I’ve never heard which means we’ll have to wait for Yashar to share it, if he ever does. The only thing I’ve heard about Constance is that she’s serious, that there are jokers on set, and people who goof and keep things light and others who are more intense. Constance, according to those I’ve spoken to, belongs to the intense group. She was intense and thoughtful when I interviewed her last year at the CRA junket – and I didn’t think too much of it. You always get those at a junket, some people laugh through their interviews and some take time to answer questions and aren’t much into joking. Brie Larson, initially, can come across as intense. Same goes for Sandra Oh. It takes them time to warm up. I too am pretty intense at work. I don’t talk to people in the hall. I don’t stop outside the bathroom for 15 minutes to chat. If that’s what we’re basing “Constance Wu isn’t nice” on, it’s a weak assessment. If there’s more to it, obviously I’m standing by with my pinky in the air waiting for the tea to be poured into my cup.