Today in Celebrity Cat News, Mr. Kitty, the rescue cat belonging to Dominic Cooper and Gemma Chan, was seen traveling comfortably in a bubble backpack the other day in London. Mr. Kitty, proclaimed by his human servant Gemma to be “the most affectionate cat in the world!”, enjoyed fresh air and a casual stroll while safely ensconced inside his travel bag. No word on whether or not Mr. Kitty enjoyed the stroll, or if presumptuous humans merely assumed he would, but his dutiful servants were seen doting on him and delivering head pats, and even scritches. A good day was probably had by all.


Cooper and Chan have been dating for five years and were out and about with their cat just a couple days before Cooper’s 45th birthday. They’re a fairly lowkey couple—I had actually forgotten they’re together until they surfaced with Mr. Kitty. I love that they’re cat people, and a black cat at that! I feel black cat solidarity with them. I wish I could take Pancake for walks, because I feel like it would burn off some of her deranged energy, but she loathes The Outside. She is an Inside Cat, she loves air conditioning more than anything, including me. Mr. Kitty is cut from a different cloth, clearly. 

Click through to the fourth slide to see some shots of Mr. Kitty from Gemma's IG, taken on the same day as the photos below: