Self-Portrait is one of the major successes of the fashion industry in the last few years. You know the signature Self Portrait style. You started seeing it everywhere around 2015. Like this: 

From 2015 – 2017 or so, if a celebrity, or a royal, was wearing Self-Portrait, it would have been a variation on Zendaya’s look above. Eyelet, paneling, a shorter layer underneath a longer layer. Self Portrait founder, Han Chong, has just opened up the Self-Portrait flagship store in London. Self-Portait isn’t exactly fast fashion and fast fashion prices. These are not cheap clothes but they’re also not crazy designer prices considering the label’s popularity with famous people. 

Looking at some of the pieces we saw last night at the launch, I wonder if Self-Portait is moving away from its go-to. Check out this white dress on Gemma Chan. The Self Portrait shape is there. But it’s shiny with no holes in it. And I LOVE the pleats. Carey Mulligan was there too. And she too was in a shiny dress with no holes. I don’t love a shiny dress. But I’m also kind of tired of the eyelet Self-Portrait thing that the label became known for. Excited to see what the direction will be going forward.