Amal and George Clooney's newborn twins, Ella and Alexander, are exactly a month old today. Here they are in white bassinets, arriving via private plane in Milan. Is this fancy? I mean the bassinets, not the plane. Of course the plane is fancy. I don't know a lot about baby gear but I see a lot of it all around me, all the time. Nobody I know rolls around in the kind of carriers that look like what we're seeing here. Or maybe that's just a white cover that anyone can buy. Or maybe it's an English thing? More common than it is in North America? It seems super old school. Or, you know, this is an ignorant observation from someone who isn't actually all that exposed to baby accessories.

So the Clooneys are in Italy. Which is what the Clooneys do in the summer. They summer in Lake Como. They usually start the summer in Como, a bit later this year obviously because the twins probably weren't old enough to travel. Am curious whether or not the twins will change how the Clooneys spend their time in Como. As we've seen through the years, George entertains when he's there. Friends and family are rotated in and out on a weekly basis. They go out for dinner, they stay up late. Like how long before Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber show up? Or Matt Damon and Luciana? In the past, there weren't a lot of kids around. And that might actually have been a bonus for the parents, knowing that the week with the Clooneys in Como was a break from their children. Are the friends' kids welcome now? Does Clooney Como become an all-ages holiday destination now?