It used to be an annual tradition – if it’s summer, George Clooney would be in Italy, in Lake Como. And when he married Amal, in Italy, this tradition continued. That was paused, of course, last year because of COVID but, as we’ve seen, many celebrities are mostly back to what it was like before the pandemic. Pap walks, shopping, partying, and more. 


So here are the Clooneys, back in Lake Como, celebrating American Independence Day with friends and fireworks. George looks good, tanned, healthy, rested. And Amal, as usual, is serving looks, always dressed for dinner. Some people dress in casual clothes. Amal makes dinner an occasion – and I respect that. This woman has a CLOSET. And for a year she hasn’t been able to dip into it. 

The Clooneys kept it quiet during COVID. George had a movie to promote for a few weeks last year and he certainly did the work for that. But they weren’t nearly as visible as other celebrities, especially Amal, and the most we saw of George apart from during the press tour for The Midnight Sky, was when he was directing The Tender Bar in the Boston area through the winter and early spring. That wrapped in April and the last I heard they were hoping to get it ready for release near the end of the year but there’s been no confirmation about when exactly they want to get it out. With the names attached to this project – the Clooney + Ben Affleck combination – The Tender Bar will for sure be an award season contender. It’s just a matter of which award season they want to enter, and what the slate looks like for the distributor. 


If you’re looking for Clooney content then, and I’m a few months late to this, I finally got around this weekend to listening to his episode of Smartless, the podcast hosted by Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes. The pod is hysterical, with or without George (if you need a timely recommendation for a starter episode, try the Conan O’Brien one), but most of the headlines coming out of it when it first aired focused on his comments about his marriage which actually missed the really funny, really quick quipping back and forth between these four actors. Amazon just acquired Smartless for between $60-$80 million. That’s how popular the pod has become – and how reliably entertaining Will, Jason, and Sean are as they’re freestyling and essentially mocking and laughing at each other nonstop. It also helps, of course, that they have each an extensive contact list and can call up their famous friends, no problem, to f-ck around with them for an hour. But it’s their chemistry that makes these friends who show up bring their A-games too. Including George Clooney.