Renowned human rights barrister Amal Clooney stepped out for dinner in New York City last night, accompanied by her husband, George. OF COURSE, they’re this couple, where she’s all dressed up and his vibe is “you’re lucky I’m not wearing flip-flops”. It’s been a relatively busy month for the Clooneys, with the premiere of Ticket to Paradise a couple weeks ago in London. Strangely, that movie doesn’t come out till October 21 in the North America. It just seems like a really long time. Why the holdup? And there’s been a drought of major films in theaters since mid-August, that would have been the perfect time to drop a George Clooney-Julia Roberts rom-com. Instead, Paradise will come out in the middle of the awards season crunch. Bad planning, Bob.


Anyway, back to the Clooneys. They’re on my very short list of “celebrity couples with whom I would like to attend a dinner party and/or solve a murder at a dinner party”. Besides the Clooneys, there is Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, and Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor. The Clooneys kind of fascinate me because I can’t pin down the gossip dynamic. George seems like a HUGE gossip. But does Amal gossip? So many attorneys read LaineyGossip, I have to assume that, as a cohort, y’all are big gossips. But do we think Amal Clooney participates? Is she lingering in the breakroom at work to grind grist in the office rumor mill? Do she and George gossip about everyone else at the awards show? Or does she roast everyone in her head but never breathe a word of it out loud? I would pay real money to know this.