It was George Clooney’s 57th birthday yesterday. George has been in Italy prepping his next project. Last week he and Amal hosted her father at their estate in Lake Como for his 80th birthday. Last night though, Amal and George were in New York – here they are after his birthday dinner in matching black. Will they be matching tonight? 

As you know, Amal is one of the co-chairs of the Met Gala. And Amal is a clothes horse. She actually, once in a while, can get funky with her fashion. Remember those white gloves? That resulted in what the NY Times called an “uproar”. And while she probably did not intend for it to be an “uproar”, the decision to pair those gloves with her rather ordinary black gown that night was definitely a statement. It may not have worked out the way she wanted it to but my point is that Amal has been known to take a left turn now and again. So it’s not entirely impossible that she might do the same tonight. 

Amal has been to the Met Gala once, back in 2015, when the theme was China: Through The Looking Glass. The red tiered dress, by John Galliano, wasn’t my favourite and I also don’t think it’s aged well: 

Tonight, then, is a redo. I want to love what she wears or I want to hate it. This is the fun of the Met Gala. There is no glory if there is no ass to balance it out. Everything in between is irrelevant.

PS. The Clooneys’ BFFs, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, were in New York last night too. It’s highly likely that we’ll see Cindy and Kaia at the event tonight. What is our feeling on posting about models at the Met Gala? We haven’t, traditionally, covered a lot of the model looks at the Met Gala in years past, other than, say, Gisele and Gigi, who both bring the gossip, because otherwise… they’re models. There’s not that much debate to it, you know? Thoughts?