George Clooney has kept a very low profile in 2020. He has both the resources and the inclination to not be in our faces when he doesn’t want to or when he knows he’s not wanted. And he and Amal have a large property in England where they spend a lot of their time, in addition to their summer home in Lake Como. But here he is, in LA this weekend, leaving a meeting in Beverly Hills.


Could be work-related? George’s next film, The Midnight Sky, will be released on Netflix in December so there’s probably some promotion required. A teaser for the film was released yesterday ahead of the full trailer dropping tomorrow so we’ll try to get Sarah’s thoughts on that when it happens. 


Looks uplifting for the holidays, non? 

But since all promotion is done virtually these days, maybe George is at home in the US for another reason. Maybe he wants to be in America as an American for the election? Like Selena Gomez, Timothee Chalamet, and Jennifer Aniston who’ve been featured on this site already today, I don’t think there was any doubt where George would be putting his vote. In August he co-hosted a fundraiser for the Biden/Harris campaign with Jeffrey Katzenberg and he’s made his feelings quite clear on Donald Trump.


Not that… well… it’s on like all these celebrity endorsements matter to MAGA people. It’s the undecided voters who they’re trying to reach. But are they reaching them? And does George Clooney make a difference to them? 

Taking it away from the political, George and Amal’s twins Ella and Alexander turned three years old this summer. We’ve not seen them in a long time, not that we ever saw them frequently but for that one sighting in New York. Amal’s been pretty low-key too. Privately though, since they’re in LA, I wonder if they’re spending time with the Sussexes. We know that George and Amal are close with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We know that they’ve spent a lot of time together away from the cameras and the media. They all have young children. You think they’ve been hanging out?

PS. Shout-out to George for being so loyal to this cut of jeans, easily now 20 years out of date. I guess he remains steadfastly against a tapered leg.