You know it’s a competitive awards season when George Clooney directs a movie, based on true historical events, about the American Olympic rowing team, due out on Christmas Day, and it’s not part of the Oscar conversation.


George is currently promoting his film, The Boys in the Boat, starring Joel Edgerton and Callum Turner who is so hot it’s time for us to start openly thirsting over him. The film is adapted from Daniel James Brown’s best selling book by the same name about how the team overcome insurmountable odds to win the gold medal, just as Hitler was flexing his power in front of the world at the Games. 


Like I said, ordinarily this would be Oscar bait. Or maybe it’s accurate to say that in the past this would be Oscar bait. We are living in different times now, and The Boys in The Boat, even though George is out here talking about how he directed part of it from an iPad in bed when he went down with COVID, does not have much, if any, momentum. 

Still, he is the ultimate professional. He is a Movie Star. And he’s doing his Movie Star thing, as handsome as ever at the premiere with Amal Clooney, and on Jimmy Kimmel last night, telling stories about his children, his own childhood, Norman Lear, and conceding that he’s now a veteran of the business working with up-and-coming young stars. 



Earlier this year, George was in production with Brad Pitt on Wolves, in which they play two fixers who end up on the same job. Not entirely sure if they were able to completely wrap before the strike so it’ll be interesting to see if they can get it out for next year. And how it will be received. Will people show up for these two movie stars?