George Takei is talking about why he came out at age 68, and it’s because Arnold Schwarzenegger, who sold himself, politically, as a Republican who was also a Friend To The Gays, vetoed a gay marriage bill as governor of California in 2005. I remember that, people were not just angry, they were HURT that Schwarzenegger did that. People legit thought he wasn’t one of “those” Republicans, which just goes to show you how politically naïve we all were in 2005. (DListed)


Lisa Marie Presley died suddenly yesterday. (Popsugar)

When I last wrote about Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, I said, “You know what isn’t fun and cool? Aging.” Someone took me to task for being ageist, so let me add some nuance. Getting older is normal, it happens to all of us, and the anti-aging industrial complex is giving the diet industrial complex a run for their money in overall toxicity. I just turned forty—feeling fit, fab, and fun!—and am, so far, committed to not coloring my hair or pursuing intensive/invasive skincare procedures. But I am also dealing with aging parents, including my dad, who recently had a stroke. You know what isn’t fun and cool? THAT part of aging. There is definitely a line where getting older becomes a little scary, and it’s less about how we look in the mirror than things like “will I be able to take care of myself” and “do I have to put my parent in a care facility”. That’s the existential part of aging that is just plain scary. It’s when we start thinking about mortality, ours and the people we love, and it’s that existential uncertainty from which cinema can provide an escape. Anyway, here’s Andie McDowell rocking grey hair, which looks fantastic. I can only hope my hair goes grey this well. (Go Fug Yourself)

Dry January not for you? Try Damp January! (Celebitchy)

Today In True Crime, Michael Bay is being charged with pigeon murder in Italy. You heard me. PIGEON MURDER. (UPROXX)