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First it was sugar. And then now it’s carbon. But I don’t know why the angle is different this time? That said, the way cameras flip back and forth always confuses me. Also… why didn’t she just say it was makeup? Like loose powder? I feel like we all would have believed it was makeup? While we’re at it though, the light coming out of that hotel room is next level selfie. My biggest first world complaint about hotel rooms is that they’re always so f-cking dark. Did you know that Elvis always needed his rooms dark? His assistants would have to line every single window with foil to keep the light out. (Dlisted) 

Gerard Butler is looking rough. His movie, Geostorm, comes out in October. A new trailer for it was released last week. And Sarah called it a “trashterpiece”. Is Sharknado a “trashterpiece”? Will Gerard Butler be in the next Sharknado? And now for a word about his shorts. And men who wear shorts like this, all long and with the pockets on the sides? It’s a dealbreaker for me. (Just Jared) 

Duana sent this to me last night – basically the set up for a romantic comedy, except right now it’s for reals. I can’t help it. I got sucked into the total f-cking cuteness of this story. For three years! Three years this has been going on! Like, I might never watch Love Actually again because now I have these two. Come on! Aren’t you charmed, just a little? (Buzzfeed)

I think I might love this little dress on Gemma Arterton. There’s nothing new in the cut of it. But that… flower pot? Is that what we’re calling it? It’s so hideous that it actually bounces against the ugly wall and comes right back to beautiful. And, of course, the blooming womb metaphor is unmistakable. Not that she’s pregnant. I have no idea if she’s pregnant. But she looks fertile, literally. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I actually hate this kind of style guide. And you’ll note we don’t do it here. Pronouns are just fine. But it happens all the time. “Lupita Nyong’o went to the store yesterday. The Oscar winner bought some butter. While in the dairy aisle, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens star also picked up some sour cream. Perhaps the Queen of Katwe actress is making pierogi tonight?” It’s RIDICULOUS. (Jezebel) 

Raf Simons presented his new collection in New York last night. Julianne Moore was there, A$AP Rocky was there, and also Jake Gyllenhaal. Who apparently is not too cool to have a good time at a fashion show. I love this description of how he spent his time there and his reactions to the clothes. Obviously we’re not talking Celine levels of rapture. But he was there to appreciate and not put on a stone face. (Vanity Fair) 

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