Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell is now saying that things are untrue but I’m not really all that clear about what exactly is untrue. All of it? Like everything that Scary Spice Mel B said about their one night? Or did the one night happen but that they definitely weren’t lovers for an entire year? Are there really that many people who care that much about this story?! (Dlisted)

Harry Styles must have had such a boner about performing with Stevie Nicks at her Rock Hall induction, he probably doesn’t give a sh-t that she mixed up *NSYNC and One Direction. Harry isn’t petty like that, unlike Justin Timberlake who probably would have had a suck attack over it. Have you read Daisy Jones & The Six yet? You know how I keep saying that for sure Taylor Swift would want to be Daisy? The most obvious Billy, obviously, is Harry Styles, non? (Cele|bitchy) 

The FUG Girls are big on Jessica Chastain in jewel-tone blue Elie Saab. I… don’t find it all that exciting. Will you remember it tomorrow? Will you remember it at all? I feel like she’s worn a lot of dresses like this before. In that sense, she’s sort of like Kate Winslet. They always look lovely but I don’t know that the style is ever, like, super remarkable, you know? (Go Fug Yourself) 

FYI, even though no one gives a f-ck whether or not I get my Avengers tickets, I still don’t have them. It’s been four hours. Sarah, as she’s already said, has no sympathy. When I first started panic-texting her she did that thing, you know when you’re in full-blown hysteria how enraging it is when someone comes back at you with calm? That. Basically what she was telling me was that there will be a lot of shows and a lot of tickets so chill the f-ck out. Well. I want to go to one specific show at one specific theatre and already there weren’t a lot of seats left and then I got booted out of the website and the app before I could pay. Now? Now the site won’t even load. ANYWAY. I’ll be over here stressing about MOVIE TICKETS, the most first world problem of all first world problems, a sad statement about my sad, empty, superficial life.  (Pajiba) 

I thought this would be my consolation – the headline was so promising: a “disgusting” surgery photo! Totally my jam! I love gross sh-t! And since I’ve been so frustrated about my Avengers tickets – which are NO TICKETS at this point – I was hoping this would make me feel better. I mean, a little. But by my standards, the grossness here is entry-level. (TMZ) 

OK now this totally made me feel better: when did Matthew McConaughey become “Matthew McConaughey”? The part where they go back and forth about A Time to Kill is LOLOLOLOL. Because it’s true! The way he pronounces “defendant”, like “defend-ANT” makes the movie. The sweatiness of everyone in the movie makes the movie! (The Ringer)