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Dear Gossips,

Kevin Kwan’s Rich People Problems, the third and final book in the Crazy Rich Asians series, comes out today. Are you ready? If you’ve not read the first two books, it’s perfect, because now you have all three, without a wait to find out how it ends. If you have read the first two books but need a refresher, get caught up with Cosmpolitan’s primer, Everything You Need To Know Before Reading Rich People Problems.

Rich People Problems, to me, is probably the funniest in the series. Also funny – what Kevin Kwan told Cosmopolitan about some of the characters in the book and the real people who claim to have inspired them. To be clear, he insists that none of the actual people who inspired the characters have ever come forward. But that there are those who think they’re Astrid or Kitty Pong and have confronted Kevin, all injured, like he exposed all their secrets which… can you imagine who you’d have to be to think you’re the enigmatic, beautiful Astrid Leong, the girlcrush of all of Asia?

As for Kitty Pong, have I mentioned that I don’t want to be an actor but that I really want to play Kitty Pong in the movie? And that I tried? They’ve already cast Kitty Pong but I went for it, I really did. Because I so wanted to be part of this project, part of an all-team Asian movie that is directly challenging the prevailing – and bullsh-t – idea in Hollywood that certain people can’t draw an audience. What draws an audience is a great story. Crazy Rich Asians is a great story. Rich People Problems is a great conclusion to a great story.  

Here’s a story, even though it might not be a great one: I was at Madonna’s Blonde Ambition show in Toronto 27 years ago this week when the police threatened to arrest her. I don’t remember being aware of the controversy, I was just excited to see the show. Afterwards my friends and I learned all the choreography to several songs, including Express Yourself, Like A Prayer, Vogue, and Keep It Together, and performed it at school during assemblies. Later that year, we also went to New Kids On The Block. On the subway home after the show, my best friend declared that she would be Jordan Knight’s bonafide by the time we turned 25. It was all we could talk about. Exactly a year ago this week, with a different group of friends, we were 7 in Formation at the Beyoncé concert. We had a great dinner beforehand, we coordinated our merch strategy, and we even shoved some of the confetti from the end of the show into our pockets so that we would have something to keep from the experience. It’s an experience many of you are no doubt very familiar with – being with your people, laughing all night, replaying every moment on the way out, all the way home, over email or text or social media or in class the next day. Until you do it all over again, the next time. There’s a special bond, an energy, that happens between us, between girls, on nights like that, no matter where you’re sitting, how close you are, how far back you are, we belong to each other, as we see and hear the same thing. Just for one night, that sameness becomes freedom, a silvery thread that extends through us and expands us, making us feel bigger, our breaths deeper, more substantial from the shared connection. Just for one night, that space is sacred.

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