The Golden Globe nominations are out, and Get Out—one of the best movies of the year—only got two nominations: Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture and Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical for Daniel Kaluuya. Those are not insignificant nominations, but Jordan Peele went 0-0 on directing and writing. That might be because he just isn’t famous enough for those starf*ckers at the HFPA, or it might be a sign for the rest of award season. This is a year where among the top films, no one film rises above the rest, and voting so far has been all over the place as a result. Critics groups have yet to agree on a best picture, giving the top prize to a different film almost every time a group announces its winners. Get Out is actually one of the only films to be singled out by multiple groups.

So what does this mean for Get Out’s Oscar chances? The good news is, the HFPA has nothing to do with the Academy, which is a much larger voting body anyway. The bad news is, generally the HFPA are the more adventurous group, between their desire to get stars on their red carpet and also be seen as ahead of the curve. So if they didn’t single out Jordan Peele, it seems the Academy might not, either. Always his best shot has been in the Original Screenplay category, and that still stands, but the field is pretty wide this year. There’s not a front-runner. Peele has been active in award season, doing Q&As and making appearances, and there is a lot of good will for Get Out. It has not been forgotten. I think Peele is a good bet for an Original Screenplay nomination. I’m not sure about anything else, but that’s the story across every category this year: A lot of solid work, no clear front-runners. 

I received a beautiful coffee table book of art inspired by Get Out as part of their For Your Consideration campaign. It’s really well produced and one of the more impressive FYC efforts I’ve seen. It would make a nice collector’s item, but I am maxed out on book space. That being the case, we’re giving it away. Submit via email ([email protected] with "Get Out" as the title) before EOD Friday, Dec 15, 2017 and a winner will be chosen at random. One book valued at $40 available.  Standard rules apply. Good luck!