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Did you feel it this morning? The expression is a “disturbance” in the Force, but nothing about what I felt is “disturbing”. I thought about calling it a “movement” in the Force but that’s how I sometimes refer to my sh-ts, and it would be blasphemy to connect my sh-t and the Queen in any way so… can we say “spark”? Whatever. Those of us who hear the call of Beyoncé were sensitive to the tremors today because she’s made an announcement. And where Beyoncé is concerned, it’s always Big News: the cover art and tracklist for her album, The Lion King: The Gift, has been revealed. Also…

A NEW VIDEO for the song “Spirit” that dropped last week.


We’ll get to the video and other business in a minute. Let’s first appreciate the album. I’m wondering if this album is actually going to take over The Lion King soundtrack. Because there are several new Beyoncé songs – and one song called “Brown Skin Girl” on which the BLUE IVY CARTER is listed as the LEAD ARTIST! (This is obviously the first song I’m listening to.) Also there’s another Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar collaboration. Jay-Z too. 

As for that video, “Spirit” will premiere on ABC tonight along with… a new interview?!

Beyoncé interview? That’s what they’re call it. Watch below:

Do you see what I’m seeing? I’m seeing Robin Roberts at The Lion King junket a few days ago in LA with the cast. I’m seeing Beyoncé, in the outfit she wore to the UK premiere of The Lion King on Sunday, speaking on camera, in a different setting from her castmates…but not necessarily taking questions from someone. She seems like she’s taking questions from herself. I personally don’t consider that a real interview. That said, I would totally sell it as an “exclusive” the way ABC is selling it because no one else is getting this kind of “access”. 

ABC, of course, is Disney. So of course they’d be the network to air this and, as part of her involvement with a Disney movie, this is what Beyoncé has agreed to, which is more than what she usually gives, but still muuuuuuuuch less than what anyone else working with Disney has to give. I wish we could see how it’s laid out on paper. I imagine it reading like this:

Disney: we want you to do interviews

Beyoncé: I will tape myself talking about the movie and send it to you

Disney: we want you to be in the cast photo

Beyoncé: I will be photographed on my own and you can photoshop the rest of the cast around me

Disney: thank you for accommodating us, thank you for your generosity

Beyoncé: pay me

In other Beyoncé news… 6 Emmy nominations today for Homecoming! Beyoncé is coming for all award shows. Homecoming will be in contention at the Emmys and the Golden Globes. The Lion King will be in contention at the Globes, Critics’ Choice, Grammys, BAFTAs, and Oscars. It’s a Beyoncé takeover. BE READY.

Attached - Bey and Jay leaving the afterparty for The Lion King London premiere the other night. 


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