The Hollywood Foreign Press Association celebrated 75 years of the Golden Globes last night. As mentioned earlier, the Golden Globe nominations will be announced on December 11. Many of the contenders attended the event last night, continuing to work the award season circuit. I’ve mentioned a few times now that we’ve been seeing a lot of Jake Gyllenhaal at most of the major award circuit stops. This is the most campaigning he’s done in years, in service of Stronger and his portrayal of Boston marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman. Gary Oldman and Daniel Day-Lewis have the top two spots in the Best Actor category and if The Post is any good, Tom Hanks might get in there in third, but the final two slots seem pretty open at this point and Jake, Timothee Chalamet, James Franco, Daniel Kaluuya, Hugh Jackman, and Andrew Garfield are all possibilities. 

You know who’s been hitting the award circuit hard for months and months and months now? Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V Gordon. The Big Sick has to be a lock for a nomination in the Best Motion Picture Musical/Comedy category at the Globes. The movie was a summer release. So they’ve been at this for almost half a year. With four months to go to the Oscars. Which is the ultimate goal. If there’s to be a romantic comedy nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, why shouldn’t it be THIS romantic comedy that is so much more than just a romantic comedy? 

And finally, for now, the HFPA announced that they’re doing away with the outdated “Miss Golden Globe” designation and replacing it with “Golden Globe Ambassador”. This year’s Golden Globe Ambassador is Simone Garcia Johnson, The Rock’s daughter. 

Johnson announced that she’s partnering with GlobalGirl, which is supported by the HFPA and empowers young women in journalism from disadvantaged areas by providing them the tools they need to chase their career goals.

“I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in a household with strong role models and feel so honored to represent the HFPA for its 75th Anniversary,” said Johnson. “As the newly minted Golden Globe Ambassador, I hope to serve as a role model to young people everywhere and empower them to speak out on issues they are passionate about.”

So now that the Ambassador is in place, the Globes next step is to confirm this year’s host. Jimmy Fallon hosted last year and they announced it in August 2016. The year before that was Ricky Gervais. And that was announced in October 2015. So they’re a little behind schedule. That may be strategic, to build anticipation. Or. OR. 

I mean, you know the conversation that has dominated Hollywood the last few months. Whoever is hosting will have to manage that. Do they choose a nice-nice person who’ll make everyone not feel like an asshole? Or do they choose someone who will actually go for it.