I’m too stupid to understand what these live action adaptations will look like. The Lion King, for example, which I’m really excited about – is Donald Glover voicing Simba and is Beyoncé voicing Nala or are they actually acting as animals? But people? If they’re people, how can they be lions? What am I missing, serious question? Because I can’t figure it out. Now it’s going to be a live action Lady And The Tramp. So are humans playing dogs? Sorry. I’m dumb. Hold my hand and teach me. (Dlisted)   

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have decided on their wedding cake and apparently, like their other wedding decisions, it’s a break from tradition. Like their other decisions, it’s a good one. Because fruit in cake is gross. I’ve never understood a fruitcake. Fruit is fruit and cake is cake and why did they decide back in the day to combine them? (Cele|bitchy) 

I know that Marvel is a bigger deal than Crazy Rich Asians. I get that. But Gemma Chan will be seen in Crazy Rich Asians in August first as Astrid Leong, who is basically THE STYLE EVERYTHING of the Crazy Rich Asians world. So my hope is that you’ll care about Gemma for Crazy Rich Asians first. And then care about her even more later when she’s in the Marvel movie. Because the way it often works in Hollywood is that an actor gets noticed for their work on a smaller picture. Gemma’s work in Crazy Rich Asians was likely the jump-off point for studios, for Marvel, to take notice. Give the Crazy Asians some credit, goddamn it! (Pop Sugar) 

Sean Penn has written a book. Or is planning to write a book. Or something to do with a book. The book has a stupid ass title. But, you know, it must just be that I can’t understand the genius of Sean Penn, the amazing journalist who interviewed El Chapo and…well… he totally got that right, right? Which means this book is headed for the Pulitzer. (Pajiba) 

We talk a lot on this site about names and their importance. And sometimes the Supreme Court Justice Test comes up and whether or not a name would be suitable for a justice on the Supreme Court. But now and again a name surprises you and exceeds its expectations. Or pushes beyond its limitations. Like … would you ever have thought that a “Ringo” could become a “Sir”? As in Sir Ringo? Will there one day be a Ringo on the Supreme Court? (TMZ) 

When Black Panther came out 5 weeks ago, I tried for a few days to keep up with all the records it had broken. And then… the movie just kept breaking records. Have you heard? Black Panther is STILL the #1 movie at the box office in North America and many other countries around the world. At this point, the records keep stacking up. Here’s a list of Black Panther’s records. Those records are pretty much the early Oscar campaign for this movie. I don’t see why there needs to be any more justification come next fall when the field will be narrowed. (Complex)