Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Kendall Jenner were papped out for dinner this weekend at Giorgio Baldi. Then they all hit up the Birds Streets Club, which is where Leonardo DiCaprio is known to frequent. No word if Leo was there on Saturday night but he was seen in LA last week with Vittoria Ceretti. I don’t need to tell you what Vittoria does for a living, do I? 


This is not the first time Leo and Vittoria have been spotted hanging out. They were first seen together, among friends, in May. Now everyone’s wondering if she and DJ Matteo Milleri are still married. 


That was 2020 when Vittoria was 22. She’s now 25, which is young, obviously, but by Leo standards it’s on the old side. Not that we know for sure whether this is more than just a friend situation – after all, Leo is surrounded by models all day every day. And, of course, there’s Gigi. It’s a different story every week where Leo and Gigi are concerned. Some outlets are reporting that it’s still a thing, others say it’s not a serious thing and they’re keeping it casual… 


This week marks exactly a year since it was confirmed that Leo and Camila Morrone had broken up shortly after her 25th birthday. A few weeks later is when Leo and Gigi were linked. So it’s been almost a year of whatever it is they have between them and the way I see it, if this much time has passed and there’s still this much uncertainty, I’m not sure there’s anywhere to go…except out with the girls on a Saturday night for a catchup. Gigi, right now, is the most single out of all them. 


Because as noted in the previous post about Bad Bunny, Kendall is all set for now, going on six months plus looking more and more serious by the day if Kris Jenner has anything to do with it. And believe it or not, we are about two weeks away from Hailey and Justin Bieber’s five year wedding anniversary. September 13 marks the day they got married at a courthouse in New York just two months after he proposed, which was a month after they got back together. 

You’ll note from these photos that Hailey was the designated driver on Saturday night, fuelling the speculation lately that she’s pregnant. People have been wondering for weeks whether or not she and JB are expecting. Almost all of it seems like the internet is stretching and I don’t think there’s anything obvious from these shots of her with Gigi and Kendall on the weekend or these new shots of her in red today in New York City. Red because Rhode just released their strawberry glaze lip treat today. That’s been her big push this year with the brand focusing on international expansion and sales continuing to climb. The Rhode strategy has been slow and steady, not the most aggressive celebrity beauty brand rollout that we’ve seen, and it seems to be paying off.