I thought, though I guess I’m wrong, that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, after the last time they hosted the Golden Globes, said they’d no longer do it? Ricky Gervais did it again and now they’re doing it again and, holy sh-t, they’re announcing this WAY early. Why so early?! It’s not just celebrities, even civilians don’t like committing to something so far in advance. Unless it’s a wedding. Award shows are, actually, kind of like weddings. Seating arrangement drama, speaker drama, attention drama, dress drama. Maybe that’s how they see it too. (Cele|bitchy)

Never thought this was possible but it turns out Gigi Hadid and I have something in common. It’s a miracle – but we are both one of few people who have dreamt, for years, of serving jury duty. I want to do this so badly. I have never ever been called. Like I haven’t even gotten a letter. All around me there are people who’ve gotten the letter and been up for jury selection. This happened to Sasha last year and I was so jealous. But for some reason, my number never comes up. I would be an excellent juror. I’m sure Gigi thinks she would be as well. Aren’t we exactly the kind of people you WANT on a jury?!? (Dlisted) 

This isn’t the first time Hailee Steinfeld has shown up in a great sweater dress. I do love a sweater dress. She’s wearing an weathered oatmeal sweater dress here that I quite like. But I wish she’d gone with a different footwear option. The sweater dress/sweatshirt dress and thigh highs is so done. Why not platform sneakers or oxfords? Or a heeled combat/hiking boot. I would have accepted a garden variety pump. (Go Fug Yourself) 

We’re talking about house rules that you thought were completely normal until you grew up. This isn’t exactly a “house rule” but more like a cultural rule for Chinese families that Westerners aren’t familiar with. In our culture, when kids are bad, they have to kneel and hold their ears. Because the words for “obedience” literally translated is to “listen”. If you’re disobedient, it means your ears aren’t working. So we had to hold onto our ears and kneel to repent. I have spent countless hours holding onto my ears on the kitchen floor. (Pajiba) 

Women have been underrepresented at so many of the nominations for awards so far but there is one industry where more are winning most of the awards. (The Atlantic)