This sucks for Gigi Hadid. She insisted that she could be impartial but in the end they didn’t believe her because of her friends. Which is unfair. And I feel for her. I’m a judgy gossip columnist but I feel like I’d be totally objective on a jury. I would consider the facts, all the facts and all the evidence. So Gigi’s jury dreams are crushed. But at least she got closer to it than I ever have. Like I said the other day, I’ve never even gotten the letter. Not even an invitation to go to court for them to reject me on suitability. Who does a bitch have to know to be able to serve on a jury?!? (Dlisted)

Kate Middleton says that there will be no fourth Cambridge child because Prince William doesn’t want any more children. Which…I mean, yeah, I guess it is entirely up to him. If he says it’s for the environment are they going to yell at him in the media? (Cele|bitchy)

So I quite like this jacket on Nicolas Cage. The problem is that the jacket is being worn with so many other things, like the chains and the belt buckle etc. And, well, it’s being worn on Nicolas Cage. Imagine this jacket on Timothee Chalamet though? He could make it work, non? (Go Fug Yourself)

Hugh Grant is happy that he doesn’t have to be the romantic love interest anymore because, obviously, he is Not That Guy. Which means he’s actually a very good actor? Hugh probably can’t wait to be old enough to play the crusty ass grandfather known for the offensive outburst. (Pajiba) 

OMGOMGOMGOMG. You guys! You have to read this if you haven’t already! Remember Dr Brandt? He did Madonna’s face? And Demi Moore? And so many other celebrities? Known as the “baron of Botox”? And possibly the godfather of what I call “LA Face”? Here’s an essay about his legacy. If you haven’t already, you’re going to devour this article. (Medium)