Red is not my favourite, usually, and especially this shade of poppy red. It is, however, irresistible on Gina Rodriguez. Because of how vibrant she is, and that’s mostly what elevating an outfit is all about. 

Beyond that though, there are some solid style elements at work here. I love the look of the crop top over her high waist skinny jeans. The collar is so flattering on her but it’s the flare-waist in the top that’s doing it for me. It just creates such an interesting shape. Especially in motion, with a slight swing. 

Same goes for the coat which is almost the exact same tone of red. How do you feel about the unfinished hem here? I think I’m OK with it. 

The only change I’d make would be the shoes. They’re not quite the same red. And also, I’m not into the style. Hate the open back. Definitely not into the “S” shape that’s created on the sides because of the open back.