We’ve got another entry for the celebrity engagement boom! We need a better name for this pandemic of proposals by famous people. Weddingpalooza 2018? The Summer of Bad Ideas? Gina Rodriguez’s possible engagement is the one that does not seem like a bad idea. 

Gina and her maybe fiancé Joe LoCicero made their red-carpet debut as a couple at the 2017 SAG Awards. Then I predicted that they’d be engaged within the year. I was a few months off but I’m still going to brag about my projection. This one wasn’t hard to see coming. Gina’s been effusively posting about how in love she and Joe are since they first started dating. It would be annoying if she wasn’t one of the most likeable humans on the planet. I just want Jane, er Gina, to be in love and happy. 

Yesterday, she posted this on Instagram for her 34th birthday:


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In love and happy, right? Of course, it’s the ring that has everyone thinking Gina is engaged. That’s an engagement ring if I’ve ever seen one. It’s a big ass diamond. What else could it be? Here’s another shot from Gina’s Insta Story. 


No one stands like this with their left hand all up in the shot for any reason other than to show off an engagement ring. This is Engagement Photo Pose 101. Joe also posted for Gina’s birthday and the ring makes another appearance. 


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She can’t stop posing with the ring as the main focus. It’s adorable. I’m sure all of you people who have been engaged can relate to this. Does the ring feel like a weird foreign object at first that makes you hold your hand a certain way and angle it towards camera? It’s even perfectly visible when she’s working out. That’s commitment. In this shot on Joe’s account, it looks like Gina switched the ring to her right hand just so it would still be in the photo.


I might find this obnoxious if it was anyone else but the light of network television and America’s Sweetheart, Gina Rodriguez. I’m happy for her like I know her and not like I’m just somebody who gasps out loud at myself whenever I think about Jane The Virgin’s season four finale twist

So, who’s next? I’ve got two predictions – one is a celeb couple that has been together for a while like Gina and Joe: Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost. You know that dude’s been dying to put a ring on it since she first allowed them to be seen in public together. Now that her stock has dropped significantly, it’s time for Jost to shoot his shot. My other prediction is another fast flame: Camilla Cabello and Matthew Hussey. He gets to upgrade his brand to marriage advice. A proposal is good for business. OH. Taylor Swift and her “gorgeous” Joe. They’re totally next. How has Taylor Swift NOT been engaged yet?