I am all about the SAG awards having only female presenters, and it was pleasantly not noticeable in the way that men must feel all the time but I was of the opinion that Gina Rodriguez presenting with Megan Mullally was a slightly odd pairing, first of all, and a thankless task for both of them. I especially like how they were scripted to talk about the fact that each of their shows were groundbreaking and showcased a variety of communities … and then they presented the best Male Actor in a miniseries to – SING IT WITH ME – five white men. That’s… not a good look, SAG writers. First of all, it implies that you think we’re stupid enough not to notice. Second, it didn’t make your category less blatantly white to pretend you were writing toward the ‘timely issues’ these performers got to act about. PLEASE. 

Luckily, however, Gina Rodriguez had already done her work for the night. Please observe her Showing Her Work on the red carpet, talking about the pilots she’s hoping to produce, the episode of JTV she just directed, the thriller she has coming up (so Kathleen can stop worrying about her) and, oh yes, this little bit of information (start at 1:15 for the full windup):  

Effortlessly working talking points about greater Latinx representation in films into a charming red carpet appearance. Shouting out the studios who are doing good things. Making a point without breaking stride. It was seamless! And I think she had fun doing it! 

This is the difference between millennials and the… ahem… older generation. People like Sarah Jessica Parker and Debra Messing are still being asked about how it felt to be ‘so outspoken’ at the Golden Globes. Meanwhile, Gina and all her contemporaries are effortlessly talking about the things that matter to them without pausing or stammering or worrying about how it’s going to affect their Q rating, and then heading off to the bar to enjoy their lives. 

And now a word on her dress – wouldn’t choose it (as if I had somewhere to wear it) even though I love colour, but she makes it work, not just because it’s charming, but because those bra cups in the bodice are perfectly constructed and fitted. They look like they’re glued on, in the best way possible. Now, if you’re skimming over this thinking she’s ‘just an actress on a CW show’, then fair enough – but that means there’s no excuse for anyone higher profile than her to have wrinkled visible seams or ill fits ever again. Which doesn’t mean they won’t.