There are so many things I love about this post. First of all, the Golden Girls reference. And then the part where there was a high demand of interested participants but couldn’t get the link to work. Sorry, sorry. It’s just that my parents are around that age and… well… yeah. They wouldn’t be able to get the link to work. I don’t watch The Bachelor(ette) but I feel like I just might tune into this one. (Dlisted) 

Prince Andrew and his protector-defenders are hoping that another week will go by where more people will forget that he was friends with the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and has been accused by Epstein’s victims of participating in his sex trafficking ring. Especially now that the Sussexes are due to return to London soon. So Gloria Allred must be a pain in the ass. Because not only did she put his face on a school bus and have it ride around London, she won’t stop talking about how he has yet to cooperate with investigators. And we all know, Gloria does not stop shouting. (Cele|bitchy) 

I love that Moncler’s puffer gowns are being reimagined every season with different designers. F-ck I want one so bad. Who will be the next celebrity to show up in one? (Go Fug Yourself) 

First of all, it’s never a bad thing when Kelly Clarkson is singing. But when she’s singing and taking us back to the early 90s, OH MY GOD I NEEDED THIS. I have no voice and I’m still belting this out alone in my living room. (Pajiba) 

Sarah posted her review of The Call of the Wild yesterday which reminded me of how funny Harrison Ford was during the press tour because, of course, people kept asking him about Star Wars. Like deep nerd questions about, I dunno, parsecs or something. Whatever it is that Star Wars superfans fixate on. And his response? HE DOES NOT GIVE A F-CK. But… is it fair to call him the Gwyneth Paltrow of Star Wars? Way harsh! (CBR)