Just in time for Halloween, Goldie Hawn is sharing her close encounter with aliens – she says she was 20 when they touched her face and … I don’t want to know any more than this. I don’t want to be confronted with the possibility that aliens could be hanging out in the backyard waiting for me to go to sleep and come into my bedroom and caress my face. Do aliens visit people with dogs? Please say no. (Cele|bitchy) 


Sarah linked to Rachel Handler’s hilarious piece last week about where and WHY Taylor Swift goes to eat in New York and what she does when she’s there and how much she tips, etc. And in the paragraph about Emilio’s Ballato, she writes about a woman who scolds her for not really getting a full experience with the menu there – the food is VERY good. Rachel, as we know, was on a budget. This is how I feel about Halloween parties and people not dressing up for them, which is what Noah Cyrus did (or did not) this weekend. I hate Halloween but when I’m obliged to participate, I PARTICIPATE. Nobody needs to be James Franco in this situation. (Go Fug Yourself)


Halloween beef! It’s Bratz vs Barbie! (The Mary Sue)

Sofia Coppola talks about how Apple TV+ did not move ahead with her show because the female character(s) were too unlikeable which is kinda weird because The Morning Show’s strength is how unlikeable the female characters are. (Pajiba) 

How Matthew Perry was the “comic soul” of Friends. (Variety)